Sr Jr Podcast


March 15, 2022 Pulsar Advertising Season 1 Episode 3
Sr Jr Podcast
Show Notes

In this week’s episode of the Sr Jr Podcast, Lisa Wharton discusses therapy with two therapists who specialize in different fields.  Today’s junior level guest, Kaela Farisse, is an online therapist for women and young girls of color or victims of trauma.  The senior level therapist is Mark Bates who has experience working in the Department of Defense and psychedelic therapy at Sunstone Therapies.  They open the conversation up by talking about their respective careers and how they got their start.  With a background in military and cancer patients, Mark is excited about the future of psychedelics in PTSD and depression treatment, whereas Kaela touts COVID’s positive impact on the telehealth industry.  

When asked about the present state of therapy, Kaela remarks that therapy is becoming more accessible for everyone.  On the subject of people that object to therapy, both therapists are strongly of the opinion that it can always be helpful to have the input of an unbiased professional, and they also go on to discuss why mindfulness, breathwork, and journaling help keep their own mental health intact.  Before the episode draws to a close, Gabrielle Davenport joins the conversation briefly to highlight that therapy is a great means of ongoing support to help you interact with the world around you as well as your everyday problems.  The therapists end the podcast by expressing their affinity for group talk and mindfulness. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • How therapy is now more accessible
  • Mark’s work with cancer patients and how psychedelics positively impact mental health 
  • How Kaela started her career working in a domestic violence shelter
  • How psilocybin and MDMA treat those with PTSD and depression in cancer patients
  • How COVID transformed the telehealth industry
  • Why therapy is for everyone 
  • The importance of an unbiased, professional perspective 
  • How therapists take care of their own mental health
  • Kaela and Mark’s own mental health practices


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