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Social Media

April 19, 2022 Pulsar Advertising Season 1 Episode 4
Sr Jr Podcast
Social Media
Show Notes

In this week’s episode of the Sr Jr Podcast, Lisa Wharton welcomes two guests from the social media management industry.  Today’s junior level guest is Michelle Vazquez, Communications Assistant at the Los Angeles Conservancy who seeks to pursue social media as a full fledged career.  Our senior guest today will be Chaia Raibon who is not only a Senior Social Strategist for Lyft and a cultural/creative lead, but who also has her own brand, Shine Chaia, for which she is the digital and social strategy consultant.  The first topic the pair tackle is social media strategy where they both talk about how social media functions differently for each account, given the different sets of content, audiences, and goals. 

On social media, knowing your audience is everything, and Michelle’s work at the LA Conservancy might target an older crowd dedicated to protecting LA’s history, whereas Chaia’s social media might focus more on a younger audience likely to use Lyft’s scooter, bike, and car services.  Similarly, Chaia and Michelle go on to discuss the purposes of different platforms.  Like familiarity with the audience, social media managers also need a firm understanding of various social media platforms and their native content.  Considering how many brands are obsessed with virality, it makes it all the more important for the social media manager to understand the nature of each platform.  Chaia and Michelle bring the conversation to a close by talking about the ever so frustrating hate comments - while both of their socials are vastly different, they both agree that the best way to combat trolls is to just ignore them.  

Episode Highlights:


  • How the women utilize social media differently for their respective companies
  • The importance of knowing your audience
  • Why certain platforms have different purposes
  • The obsession with virality 
  • What it’s like dealing with online hate comments
  • DeShaun McCann’s mid level perspective


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