Sr Jr Podcast

Welcome To The Sr Jr Podcast: Advertising

January 18, 2022 Pulsar Advertising Season 1 Episode 1
Sr Jr Podcast
Welcome To The Sr Jr Podcast: Advertising
Show Notes

Welcome to the Sr Jr Podcast, the show where your host, Lisa Wharton, speaks with one person who’s a seasoned veteran in their chosen field, and another who’s a fresh-faced newbie just getting a career started. On today’s episode, we’re talking about advertising. Our Senior Level guest is Alberto Gonzalez, Executive Creative Director and CEO of Pulsar Advertising, with over three decades of marketing and creative advertising experience. Our Junior Level guest is Leah Press, Junior Art Director at Pulsar Advertising. 


Alberto and Leah begin with their earliest memories of advertising, and explain what inspired them to get into the field. Alberto discusses the power of creating an ad that connects with people on a visceral level, and breaks down a typical day as the founder of an advertising agency. They talk about the process of creating an ad campaign, the difference between good and bad advertising, and whether certain age demographics are more receptive to advertising than others. Alberto and Leah both share what they have learned from people in each other’s generations, and what advice they would give to them. And finally, Andy Ankowski, Creative Director at Pulsar Advertising, joins the show for the “Mid-Level Minute,” summing up why advertising agencies can benefit from having people of all ages work for them.

Episode Highlights:

  • Advertising 101
  • Alberto’s first memory of advertising was a hairspray commercial featuring a Taekwondo Master
  • Leah’s first memories of advertising were Tootsie Pop commercials and Teen Vogue ads
  • How Alberto and Leah each got started in advertising
  • Alberto discovered the power of creating an ad that truly connects with people and makes an impact in their lives, and got hooked
  • Leah enjoys working as a team and drawing inspiration from others around her
  • The step-by-step process of creating an ad or ad campaign
  • A good ad campaign connects with its intended audience in an emotional and intellectual way, and shows them how a product enhances their life
  • Directing advertising toward different demographics, like Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen X, Y and Z
  • Advertising taps into your emotions, which can include nostalgia
  • The importance of learning about your audience and connecting with what is most important to them, regardless of age, ethnicity, background
  • Alberto has learned that younger generations are not afraid to invest in quality products and experiences
  • Leah has learned how to remove herself from her work and not take criticism personally, because it’s all about what’s best for the campaign or target audience
  • Mid-Level Minute with Andy Ankowski, who is in the middle of his career in advertising
  • Leah and Alberto’s taglines for their generation


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